Recognition of qualifications for admission to a course of studies

The assessment of foreign qualifications for access to higher education can generally also be carried out directly by the universities or uni-assist (

Foreign school education certificates

The Office for the Recognition of Certificates, Diplomas, and Credentials at the Cottbus regional office of the Landesamt für Schule und Lehrerbildung (state school board) is responsible for applicants who have a foreign school leaving certificate and who would like to determine whether this certificate is equivalent to a degree pursuant to § 9 (2), Sentence 1 No. 1 to 4 and No. 9 BbgHG and § 9 (2), Sentence 1 No. 11 BbgHG (with regard to the determination of equivalence of school leaving certificates with the German lower secondary level). This office assesses foreign school leaving certificates for access to universities and universities of applied sciences. For more information, please visit the website of the Landesamt.

Recognition of a first university degree 

Recognition of the first higher education degree qualifying for entry to a profession for the purpose of pursuing a university degree at a university in the state of Brandenburg is the responsibility of the university at which the degree will be pursued.

Crediting course achievements and examination results towards university studies already being pursued in the state of Brandenburg

The university where the course of study was taken up makes the decision whether to recognize course achievements and examination results of previous university studies. Achievements are to be recognized on the condition that they do not substantially differ from their German equivalents.

Determination of equivalence of professional qualifications

The responsibility differs depending on the type of degree and field of study. Information on the recognition process and the accepting bodies can be found on the information portal of the Federal Government for recognition of foreign professional qualifications:

and on the website of the Netzwerk IQ “Integration durch Qualifizierung” (“Integration through qualification”) of the Brandenburg State Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health, and Women:


Additional contacts for recognition of foreign qualifications

Holders of foreign qualifications may also contact the German Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB). It is the central office for the assessment of foreign qualifications in Germany. These include school, vocational, and university qualifications.

The ZAB will issue an individual evaluation of qualifications for holders of a foreign university degree. This can be especially important for study applicants with foreign qualifications for which no national accreditation office exists. Not every professional qualification has its own national accreditation office.

For more information on the ZAB, please visit:

Further information on the recognition of foreign qualifications is available via the “anabin” database:

University studies and access to higher education for refugees in the state of Brandenburg

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University studies and access to higher education for refugees in the state of Brandenburg

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