The University of Potsdam

Neues Fenster: Bild - Universität Potsdam - vergrößern ©Karla Fritze

The University of Potsdam is the biggest university in Brandenburg with about 20.000 students, including 2100 foreign students. The students are taught by nearly 200 professors and 1220 scientific research assistants. In its twentieth year of existence, the University of Potsdam has established a clear profile within the rich academic tradition of Brandenburg's capital. Research and teaching at the University of Potsdam is organized in five faculties:

- Faculty of Arts

- Faculty of Sciences

- Faculty of Human Sciences

- Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

- Faculty of Law

The university's key competences have been concentrated in eight future-oriented areas:

- Geosciences

- Functional Ecology and Evolution

- Plant Genomics and Systems Biology

- Functional Soft Matter

- Public Policy and Management

- Unsettled Cultures

- Empirical Educational Studies

- Complex Systems

The field of Cognitive Sciences is a topical research area that joins a variety of disciplines in an intricate network. With this field, the university has created the first Area of Excellence in research and teaching that intends to establish the university internationally.

The university is through various networks and research platforms closely linked with external research institutes and industry both locally and worldwide. Especially the pearls - Potsdam Research Network is the regional partner for the University and external research institutes. The Potsdam Graduate School PoGS provides a multifaceted offer for Postdocs at the University of Potsdam.

The Welcome Center of the University offers a wide spectrum of information, consultation, and support – beginning even before the guest comes to Potsdam. Assistance is provided in all matters related to mobility, such as visa formalities, accommodation, social security, family support, social and cultural aspects.

For more information please visit the Portrait of the University of Potsdam  or contact Dr. Katrin Czempinski directly.


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