FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to questions concerning the BRAIN fellowship programme. The list will be updated regularly. If your questions are not answered here please contact the BRAIN help desk.

 Who can apply for a BRAIN fellowship?

Scholars who are non-German nationals and have done at least three years of research after obtaining their doctorate can apply for a BRAIN fellowship if they have not done research in Germany during the last three years. The reference date for the completion of the three year period is the Call for Applications deadline (i.e. April 15th, 2014).

Is knowledge of the German language necessary in order to become a BRAIN fellow?

Knowledge of the German language is not a prerequisite for application. Good knowledge of written and spoken English is obligatory for the application and will regularly be necessary for carrying out your research project as a BRAIN fellow. For use in everyday life, it is recommendable to acquire some basic knowledge of German. BRAIN fellows will have the opportunity to participate in German language courses during their stay in Brandenburg.

In case my proposal is rejected, can I apply again?

BRAIN is at the moment a pilot programme which offers 10 fellowships. In case that not all 10 fellowships have been awarded after completion of the selection process, a second Call for Applications will be published. It is possible to submit a revised proposal in a new selection round.

How can I prove my residence outside Germany?

Fellows can provide the confirmation of course registration from the local authority; a copy of work contract or a letter from their institution or company, stating they worked there for the last 3 years, or any genuine document that can clearly prove residence outside Germany.

Is there an age limit?

No. There is no age limit.

Does the research proposal include the Ethics Annex, since its maximum length is 10 pages?

Yes, the research proposal must not exceed a maximum length of 10 pages including the Ethics Annex table, which has 2 pages.

How old should be my PhD before application?

3 years. Candidates who obtained their PhD before April 15th, 2011 are eligible to apply.

What is meant by “2 Expert references”?

It means the fellows should provide 2 letters of recommendation from 2 experts.


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